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There are over 1,300 Notre Dame Alumni living in San Diego County. That is an impressive number considering we are 2,100 miles away from our beloved University.

The Notre Dame Alumni Club of San Diego offers a wide array of activities for alumni and the rest of the Notre Dame family, which includes students, parents of students, and others who take a strong interest in Notre Dame and the values it represents.

For those who love Notre Dame football, come out for a game watch gathering or access game tickets that have been made available to the club.

If you are looking to make professional connections or learn about career opportunities, join the Notre Dame Professionals at their next Mixer or Company Tour.

Join the Notre Dame Club of San DiegoDo you still carry on the tradition of service instilled in us while at Notre Dame? Help serve dinner to the homeless at St. Vincent De Paul, host summer service students, volunteer for the Charity Auction, or participate in the Halloween Candy Drive.

There are also activities organized for current students, Young Alums, and Senior Alums. And, for all alumni, come out and listen to a Notre Dame professor or administrator at a Hesburgh Lecture or Universal Notre Dame Night as they inform us with what is going on back at campus.

We have an activity for everyone. (Let us know if you are interested in additional specialized groups such as a gathering of Moms who are ND grads.) Events will be held throughout the county in 2016. Come out and get involved. Meet your fellow alumni who also found their way out to San Diego. I hope you will take a moment to browse through the web site to read about some of our events held in recent years and then make plans to come out to an event in 2016.

Support the Club!

Although dues are not required to participate in most club activities, the volunteers serving on the Board of the Notre Dame Club of San Diego ask for your generosity to help support our mission to make a positive impact in our community and for our current students.

Use of Dues

1. Supporting Student Activities

Every year, the club hosts a freshman send-off picnic and an ice-cream social to welcome the newest members of the Notre Dame family and provide words of wisdom as they head off to their first year at the University.

Incidental expenses are incurred for representing the University of Notre Dame at local college fairs for prospective high school students.

Stipends are provided to visiting Summer Service Project students to help pay for some of their incidentals and transportation needs. (Students from Notre Dame get their school credit paid by the sponsoring organization, such as the Boys & Girls Club of San Diego and local alumni graciously host these students in their homes for the duration of the Summer Service Project.)

The alumni club hosts visiting student groups from Notre Dame who are in San Diego for college sporting events or to provide musical performances. On occasion, the alumni club helps to welcome the students by organizing activities for them to meet with local alumni.

2. Supporting Alumni Activities

Each year the Club provides a venue and appetizers to host a visiting Notre Dame professor as part of the free Hesburgh Lecture series.

Each year, the Club helps cover some incidentals for Universal Notre Dame Night, which is a paid event for alumni to learn from a visiting University representative about what is happening on campus.

Dues go towards sponsoring events. For example, in 2009, a new career development program was created for Notre Dame alumni called Onward Notre Dame. The University sent out a representative from Notre Dame to introduce the program and the San Diego Notre Dame Club hosted a Career Event to help alumni advance in their careers.

The club also helps subsidize some incidentals to encourage alumni participation in events such as Mass and Cass for Young Alums to Prostate Awareness for Senior Alums.

Each year, the Club sends representatives to Regional 3 and national alumni club meetings to meet with club leaders from other cities and share best practices and get training for programs the University would like local clubs to implement.

Each month, the Club holds a Board Meeting, which are open to all alumni and members, to hear committee reports on Club activities, share ideas for future events, dispense club related news from the University, oversee the budget, and much more. To entice volunteers to take time out of their busy schedule, the Club provides pizza at the meetings.

The Club also funds an online website and occasional postal mailing to communicate the club activities to local alumni and other dues supporting members. In addition, there is a P.O. Box and storage unit.

3. Supporting Our Community

In addition to volunteer work provided by club members at soup kitchens and other charitable events, the club also supplies some financial support to plan our major charity fundraising event of the year, the Charity Golf Tournament and Dinner Auction. This allows the Notre Dame community to come together for an activity to raise funds for local charities recommended by the Charity sub-committee.

Benefits for Dues Paying Members

  • More activities to help local alumni support one another, provide friendship, and share similar interests.
  • Knowledge that you are helping current students feel welcomed into the Notre Dame family.
  • Knowledge that Notre Dame is being seen as a positive influence in San Diego through its participation in community service.
  • Opportunity to sign up for the allotment of football tickets received by the Notre Dame Club of San Diego for select games.
  • First opportunity to sign up for the popular tours offered to the club. For example in 2009, 125 people signed up to take a tour of the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, aka ‘The Gipper’, when only 50 spots were available.
  • Opportunity to post your resume or seek career mentors on our web site’s Jobs Board
  • Discounts to select club events when a fee is required.
  • Notre Dame Membership Card, at the Regular dues level and higher, with your name, 2016 football schedule, and discounts at our game watch location and nearby merchants.

How much are Dues?

Dues start at $30 for Basic membership and range all the way up to $600 for Blue & Gold membership. See our Dues Page to learn about the different ways you can financially support the Club’s activities and the benefits each level provides.

Donation Opportunities

In addition to dues, the membership form allows local alumni and supporters to contribute directly to specific programs or to the club in general. Specific Programs include:

Kathleen Roche Scholarship Fund – Scholarship money is provided to local students who demonstrate the need for financial aid, as determined by the University.

Summer Service Program – Funding is used to provide stipends to cover the cost of transportation and some incidentals for Notre Dame students providing service to the San Diego community. It could also be used to develop additional Summer Service Projects.

Nativity Prep – Founded in 2001 by Notre Dame Law Student Dave Rivera, this school provides college-preparatory instruction for low income students in San Diego’s inner city. One of the ways our club assists this program is by providing Thanksgiving meals to the students and their families.

Join Today!

Please join us in sharing the spirit of the Notre Dame family among fellow alumni, students, and supporters of the University and contributing that spirit to our San Diego community.

Best wishes for a GREAT 2016 for YOU and for the Notre Dame Family.

-Timothy Schenck ’95
Membership Coordinator

-Monica Willian ’13 Law
Membership Coordinator in Training

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